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Operating Instructions

What You Need to Know

Pick up the Popper by the rubber-covered handle making sure you bend your knees to lift.


Carry the Popper to the target plant while holding the Popper close to your body to avoid muscle strain and knocking yourself or others.


With the tread plate facing the operator, place the jaws around the base of the plant stem, just above the soil surface, easing the jaws on while holding the Popper upright and close to your body.


Step back from the tree, place your feet apart and press down steadily on the end of the Popper's handle to lever the tree out of the ground. (Do not put your foot on the Popper). Always bend your knees rather than your back.


To release the popped tree, move back towards the tree, lifting the popper back up to a vertical position to open the jaws. If the tree is stuck hard then bend down and remove it from the jaws. Remember to hold the Popper close to your body and bend your knees rather than your back.

Safety Notes:

Although TreePopper makes the 'extract it' approach to weed-management possible, a day in the field with TreePopper is still a physically demanding experience, and it is important to adhere to these common-sense safety precautions:

  • Wear protective clothing: long sleeved shirt and trousers, sturdy boots, gloves and eye protection.

  • Take a rest when you get tired.

  • Use a support (such as a short plank) under the tread plate in very soft soil conditions.

  • Regularly clean grooves on the jaws to prevent slipping, using an appropriate instrument (not your fingers).

  • Keep fingers clear of the jaws.

  • Be aware of the possibility for slippage, and ensure that the jaws have caught before easing your weight straight down on the popper handle.

  • Use the correct Popper size for tree size.

  • Store Popper in a dry, secure place where no one can trip over it.

  • The Tree Popper is a robust tool but there is no replacement or refund for negligent use of the tool.

  • This tool is not designed to extract regrown stumps.

  • Only to be operated by one person at a time.

  • Do not attempt to use the Popper to break, stretch or detach a branch from a fixed structure.

  • Only use it to pull out a plant by its roots.

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