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Tree popper Comes in 3 sizes

Tree Popper

Extract woody weeds — roots and all.

Designed in direct response to the need for eradicating invasive woody weeds, the Tree Popper is a robust and straightforward tool that can be operated by a single person. This ingenious tool employs the simple principle of leverage, ensuring the complete removal of unwanted vegetation and providing a permanent solution to a long-standing problem.

Constructed from mild steel, the Tree Popper consists of a lever/handle with a comfortable rubber grip and a foot piece securely held together by a circlip. These two simple components combine to create plier-like jaws used to grasp the plant stem. By applying downward force on the handle, leverage pressure is exerted on the tree, allowing it to be effortlessly popped out of the ground.

I am delighted with the mid sized Treepopper I recently purchased for Dept of Environment in the National Parks of Lofty/Barossa District, delivered last week. It doesn't look pretty any more, but has already been responsible for the demise of large numbers of olives, boneseed and Acacia saligna. Even some boxthorn and briar rose were extracted successfully.

Steve Taylor
Ranger, Barossa
National Parks and Wildlife SA

If you are battling woody weeds you’ve probably investigated all the recognised control methods for your situation. However, some of these can be physically quite demanding and may still not be completely effective. Perhaps the ‘Tree Popper’ is what you have been waiting for.

Andy Cole
Small Property Management Adviser

Aleppo Pines and Olives - effortless
We have found the Popper a most useful tool in our efforts to rid our park of feral plants such as small Aleppo pines and olives. It has proved so successful that at our meeting held last Monday it was decided to purchase the Large version which I picked up today.

Don Webster
The Friends of O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park

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