The Tree Popper

Designed in direct response to the need for eradicating invasive woody weeds, the Tree Popper is a robust, uncomplicated tool which can be used by one person.

A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted vegetation providing a permanent solution to a long-standing problem.

Manufactured from mild steel, the Tree Popper comprises a lever/handle with a rubber grip and a foot piece firmly held together by a circlip. These two basic parts form a plier-like jaw which is used to grip the plant stem.

Pushing down on the handle exerts leverage pressure on the tree and pops it out of the ground.

"I am delighted with the mid sized treepopper I recently purchased for Dept of Environment in the National Parks of Lofty/Barossa District, delivered last week. It doesn't look pretty any more, but has already been responsible for the demise of large numbers of olives, boneseed and Acacia saligna. Even some boxthorn and briar rose were extracted successfully."

Steve TaylorRanger, BarossaNational Parks and Wildlife SA